September 13th is tomorrow. And yes, that makes it a Friday the 13th. If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia, you're probably already planing on taking the day off. But consider this - according to, not only will it be Friday the 13th, but in a rare twist, the moon will be an official full moon (the Harvest Moon) in the skies over Michigan, at just past midnight. (It will be an official full moon on Friday the 13th everywhere west of of the Eastern Time Zone, but we're still taking credit for it. Details, details) Here in the Lansing area, it will rise at a little past 8PM.

According to, this full moon is also considered a "micro-moon" because the moon will be at it's apogee, when it's farthest away from Earth in it's orbit. This will make it appear smaller than a normal full moon.

So, happy "extra spooky Friday the 13th". You won't see another full moon (or almost full moon) on a Friday the 13th until August 13, 2049. I'll be 90 by then, so bring your kids to see me at "the home" that day and I'll take out my teeth, or whatever it takes, to scare them.

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