Things were going great if you were a moose on Isle Royale National Park, "up north", on Lake Superior. Sure, things had gotten crowded and you had to stand in line to get to your favorite tree or aquatic plants, but hey - there were only a couple of wolves left on the island, so - good times.

And then the National Park Service decided to bring in more wolves. Now, there's 15 wolves on the island and they're hungry. The good news is - with 2000 moose on Isle Royale, you don't have to be fast - just faster than the moose standing next to you.

But then, according to, the beaver dam broke on Lake Ojibway in 2017. And just recently, that's created a lot of deep mud on the way to the best food. And when you're a moose, you're not going to tip-toe across the mud. So, things just got easier for the wolves and tougher for the moose.

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