Grand theft auto quickly became kidnapping in Findlay, Ohio over the weekend.

There are two things I know for sure.

#1. Always lock your car doors.  I've seen the movie 'Gone in 60 Seconds.'

#2. Teens be tired.  Teens are up all night and struggling to say awake during the day.

It was just after 1 PM last Saturday when a 31-year-old man jumped into a white Audi that was left unlocked in a car dealership.  While the owner of the Audi was inside the Taylor Hyundai dealership trading in a car, a 19-year-old was sound asleep in the back seat of the car.

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Police were contacted and informed that it was not just a stolen car.  It was also a hostage situation.  It's unclear if the criminal knew about his unwanted and unwilling passenger.  However, the 19-year-old woke up and began texting the police his location.  The police chase started with the Findlay Police Department until they sped into the Tiffin Police Department's jurisdiction.  The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office was also involved in the slow-speed chase thru Northwestern Ohio.  The suspect, Justin M. Vaughn, was taken into custody by the Seneca County Sheriff's office after a slow-speed maneuver according to a Facebook post from the Tiffin Police Department,

Vaughn was charged with felony Agg robbery, Kidnapping, Theft of a motor vehicle, and fleeing & eluding police. The passenger/hostage was recovered unharmed and uninjured.

From the beginning of this pursuit until the suspect was captured, a total of 5 law enforcement agencies were involved.

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