Members of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office made a strange find on Wednesday, a leg that had been lost by a local man while swimming.

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What did the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Find In Sunrise Lake?

On Wednesday divers from the Sheriff's Office were able to locate the prosthetic leg of a Milford Township man who had lost the leg while swimming with his son.

The man, Brandon Smith, was on a float with his 6-year-old son on Sunrise Lake and when his son jumped off the raft Smith's prosthetic leg became separated from his body and plummeted 50 feet to the lake's bottom.

How was Brandon Smith's Prosthetic leg found in Milford Township?

Sgt. Brian Burwell of the Oakland County Sheriff's Dive team led a search after being contacted by Smith's father-in-law. They provided the sheriffs with GPS coordinates of where they thought Smith lost his leg.

Oakland County Sheriff's Dept.
Oakland County Sheriff's Dept.

After a 40-minute search, the dive team was able to find the man's leg, which was a relief to the family as it is valued at $80,000. Smith had only had the leg for about a month according to the Sheriff's office.

The Sherrif's Department praised its dive team for its efforts in an online post:

Great Job by our dive team. Not everything is life-saving missing or a recovery incident, it is also helping with their quality of life. In this dive, the team was able to find and recover a lost prosthetic leg that makes a huge difference in an individual’s life.

Smith said he will take the prosthetic to a local medical facility to verify that it's in good condition, and hopefully find ways to avoid losing his leg in the future.

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