Owners of In KinD Bakery, Kimberly Scott and Daisy Chang, have been baking together for over a decade. About two years ago, they started selling their baked good at Meridian Townships Farmers Market.

Last year, Scott came across a vacant bakery spot in Williamston now known as KinD Bakery. They rented the space last November and it took a few months to clean and organize everything before opening on February 6.

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In KinD Bakery is located at 146 W. Grand River Ave. They offer pastries, cakes, cookies, coffee drinks, and more!

That's not the only thing the bakery is offering their community. Every month, they donate money and baked good to the Williamston Food Bank. Last month, 150 baked goods and over $300 were donated.

Customers are more than welcome to be a part of In KinD Bakery's giving back. There is a jar inside the bakery for those wanting to donate that reads,


WE DO NOT ACCEPT TIPS ... Let us know if you would like to add a donation to the Williamston Food Bank.

You know what else makes the bakery special? It's a side venture for both Scott and Chang, who have other full-time jobs. Scott says they started the bakery to give back to their community and share their love for delicious baked goods.

It would be great if we actually made a profit but at the same time, that’s not the underlying intent. Really we are doing it to have fun, give back and just spread joy and yummy food.

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