According to the Lansing State Journal, the Hilton Garden Inn, which you'll find at Saginaw Highway at I-96, will open this coming week.

The project, which cost approximately five-million dollars is a five-story hotel that features Blume, a restaurant that will seat 64 customers and is on the ground floor of the hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn is scheduled to open on Wednesday.

You may remember that over the years, a few different businesses were situated on the spot that is now the Hilton Garden Inn. At one time you could find Roxy's at that location, which was a nightclub. There was also a restaurant, the North Pine Grill and most recently, a Days Inn sat at that location.

The hotel will house over 140 rooms, a spa, pool and a fitness center.

To find out more about the new Hilton Garden Inn that will open on Wednesday on Lansing’s west side, see the article from the Lansing State Journal here.

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