We've had some hot days in Michigan lately. As far as I know, few (if any) public pools are open. Sure, you could drive over to Lake Michigan and jump in. But what if you just wanted to throw a pool party with your friends - and you don't have a pool? Enter something called "Swimply". A way to use a privately owned pool - for a price.

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Swimply is an app that works like AirBnB. You go to the app or website, pick out a pool you want to rent and get in touch with the owner and negotiate a time and cost. You may have seen the founders of Swimply on Shark Tank last year. They did not get a deal, but they're making money and growing anyway. According to KTLA in Los Angeles (where it seems everyone has a pool) homeowners are cashing in, with some owners making thousands of dollars a week. The average price for renting a pool is about $45 an hour. Renters sign a waiver for liability, but the pool owners do have to have insurance. As for COVID-19? The CDC says there's no evidence it's water-borne.

I know Michigan doesn't have the numbers of pools they have in California, but there's a few - and if you have one you're not using...?

I did a search in Michigan and found a few pools for rent. One in Kalamazoo and a few near Detroit. The Kalamazoo pool was going for $60 an hour.

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