We've been following the drama of the wolves of Isle Royale for the last year (not to be confused with the Cougars of Orange County - I'd watch that show, if they were actual cougars) Time to check in and see how things are going on the island.

It looks like things are settling down since the introduction of the three females onto the island this year to bolster the wolf population. According to MLive.com, of the four released there this fall, the three females seem to be doing well. The lone male died for (at this point) unknown reasons, a month after being released. The two other wolves on the island are a male and female who have been there for a long time, but appear to be too closely related to have healthy offspring.

But, just like 8th grade cliques, the new wolves and the old wolves aren't getting anywhere near each other. Somebody new is going to have to move into the neighborhood if we're going to see wolf pups. The plan is for up to 30 new transplanted wolves to be released there in the next five years, so things are about to heat up.

Stay tuned for updates. Here's the story.



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