Last week at Sonoma, Denny Hamlin passed Tony Stewart on the last lap and then got passed by Tony on the LAST turn for the win. It was Tony's first win in his last 80+ plus races and the first one in this, his last season before retiring.

If you haven't seen the pass, here it is:


When asked about that last pass by members of the media at Daytona this week, Denny said, " "I didn't let Tony (Stewart) win. I made a mistake and didn't execute good. Ultimately I made a mistake and thought we would maybe drag race to the line because we were in the center of the corner side-by-side and I thought this could be good. Once I saw him steer left, I knew it was over with"

NASCAR will race at Daytona tomorrow (Saturday) night, at approximately. 8PM. This will be the first race of the year broadcast by NBC.

Here are our picks for Daytona:

Banana Don: Dale Jr and Matt Kenseth

Stephanie: Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick

And, on behalf of the WITL Nation, Rich from Parma (driver of the #63 car at Spartan Speedway): Kurt Busch and Kyle Busch.

We'll do NASCAR News on Tuesday morning and see how our picks panned out. Have a great 4th of July weekend!


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