You'll want to put on your "dress robes" for this Harry Potter themed dinner!

According to MLive, Frankenmuth Chef Dietrich Bronner is hosting a Harry Potter themed dinner in October to benefit the Frankenmuth Farmers Market. Chef Bronner won't release the line up for his "magical 9 and 3/4 course menu for adult muggles" just yet, but it sounds like it has great magical potential, with promises of foods changing color or disappearing! Keep in mind, this is the same chef that made nacho ice cream as well as chicken and waffles ice cream, so his brain may be able to create all kinds of delicious and crazy concoctions!

The Harry Potter themed "adult Muggle" dinner will take place on Sunday, October 7th at 6:30 pm. If you and your wizarding and Muggle friends want to go, get ticket info and more details on the dinner HERE.

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