I was in Chicago a few months ago visiting family and a few of my nephews were playing video games and I sat and watched them for a bit.  I thought to myself, WOW the graphics and realism were incredible.

They seemed complicated to me too, so I asked them how long does it take for you to learn how to play a new game? One said you just hit the start button and you just learn as you go.  The other one said many games don't even come with directions. Hmmm. It took me a few hours just to get the rhythm and learn how to play Donkey Kong years back.

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New Video Game Kids Will Enjoy

Well, if your kids are into video games as most kids are you may want to pass the word about a new pirate-themed video game. It was developed right here in our home state of Michigan. Brian Winn, a professor and Director of the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab, is coming out with his own video game.

So, Plunder Panic is a retro pirate game that was created for the entertainment and learning lab at MSU. How cool is that?

Brian Winn and Will Jeffery created the game with one goal--defeat the rival crew and take over the sea. It was made as a centerpiece for a showcase that we were putting together for the Traverse City Film Festival, back in 2017," Winn said. The game won several awards.  They partnered with the MSU Foundation and were able to form Will Winn Games Inc., which the Plunder Panic will be released through.


When Does It Come Out?

Plunder Panic will be out on P.C. September 17th.  It will also be available on gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and XBOX in early 2022. Enjoy kids.

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