You can really work up an appetite when you're breaking into houses.

Or maybe you should just grab a quick bite before you break into houses.  It seems rude to break in to a home and steal a PS4 and eat a sandwich before you leave.  In fact, it's downright disrespectful.  Clearly they're is no code of conduct in burglary.

Monroe County Sheriff deputies report that a Grinch forcibly entered a home Sunday night and stole a PS4 valued at $400 along with a controller charging station, 4 video games, and 4 controllers.  After attempting to purchase and PS5 and failing for the last 2 weeks I can say for sure that the PS4 wasn't worth $400.  The owner found a large hole in a bathroom and other damage according to Monroe News,

He said someone attempted to gain entry by prying open multiple windows in the home. Once inside, the offender kicked in a vestibule door that had a dead-bolt lock and stole the items.

The worst part is that the burglar made himself cheese quesadilla and left everything out.  Dude can't put cheese and tortilla shells back in the fridge?

Something similar happened a week previous to this incident just 20 minutes away...minus the delicious snack.  More than $600 worth of Xbox equipment along with a marijuana bong were stolen in Monroe Township in a break-in.

There are not reports of these two crimes being connected.  However, I it sounds like a criminal had the munchies Sunday night so, you do the math.

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