One of the tough things going through the pandemic, and there were many, were our students not being able to go to class.  They were stuck learning from home, and not being able to see their friends. Not sure who had it tougher, the younger kids, or our college students.

The good news for Michigan State University is they will have 75 percent of their undergraduate classes in person next year, the school announced this on Friday according to

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College students at MSU were happy to hear that more students will live on campus this fall. They will also be back in the classroom, and fans will be back in stadiums.  Still not sure yet at what capacity.  The school will keep us posted with more information as we get closer to the end of the pandemic.

Thousands of MSU students were forced into a school year that was anything but normal over the past nine months.

Online classes, mandatory quarantines and a loss of sense of community were just a few of the many tough situations they faced. But as the Covid-19 vaccine rollout continues, spokesperson Emily Guerrant says the school will be much closer to normal next year than they are right now. She says generally between 80 and 85 percent of classes are held in person, so 75 percent isn’t far off pace.


It will be so nice to drive by MSU in the fall and see business as usual. The happy young people walking around, and having all the businesses start to thrive again.

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