It's over. The Upper Peninsula has brought Mountain Dew to it's knees. It appears, according to, that the Upper Peninsula will be getting it's own label shortly on a Mountain Dew bottle.

If you haven't heard, Mountain Dew has a contest involving bottles with all 50 states represented on the label. Their marketing campaign featured a map of America with all the states. The map had Michigan on it, but had included the Upper Peninsula as part of *gasp* Wisconsin. The Upper Peninsula got mad and made it's displeasure known on Twitter, demanding free Mountain Dew for all Yoopers and then TRIPLE DOG DARING Mountain Dew to come out with an Upper Peninsula bottle all of it's own. That's when Mountain Dew fell to it's knees and begged forgiveness and promised the U.P. label would become reality.

I'll be standing at the beverage cooler at the Jolly Road Speedway, waiting patiently.

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