Michigan residents lost their minds over the question, "Should I kick it?"

Saturday morning I was sitting in the parking lot of a Speedway gas station when I saw a mini-van beside me with a big hunk of dirty ice and snow on its wheel well.  I uploaded a video to TikTok asking the simple question, "Am I the only one that wants to kick that thing off of other people's cars?"  In less than 2 days that video was watched over 34,000 times and received over 7,000 likes and 1,300 comments.

A solid 99% of the comments said something along the lines of "You are not alone," or "Kick it."  The other 1% said something like, "don't kick mine, that's for me to kick."  The comments were passionate and coming hot and heavy.  One thing that struck me by surprise was the very creative names my fellow Michiganders have for these dirty car chunks.  Here is a list of my favorites:

  • Fenderbergs
  • Snow Scabs
  • Tire Turds
  • Snow Wedge
  • Snow Boogers
  • Car Poop

A few commenters pointed out the safety issues: 

  1. Those heavy "fenderbergs" can make your car vibrate while driving.
  2. They can't prevent you from turning or stopping in a timely manner.
  3. If they fall off while you're driving they can damage vehicles behind you or even cause accidents.

Important note: kicking the "Tire Turds" off of someone else's vehicle could lead to getting punched in the icicles.  Not to mention, you could accidentally damage their car or even break a toe.

When kicking "Snow Scabs" off of your car.  Use your heals not your toes.  Also, please do "Snow Booger" removal in your driveway so you're not creating a landmine of snow boulders in public parking lots or roads ways.

What is the most satisfying thing about Michigan winters for you?  Let us know in the comments.

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