I think this could be the most important thanksgiving ever. I say this because it has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, and that makes it more important to enjoy ourselves this holiday season. We deserve it. Plus the conversations this year should not be about COVID, politics or anything negative. Let's all take time together to count our blessings and all be positive about 2021.

We all do need to celebrate safely, and here are more ways from Healthline.com. One option they give is to dine virtually.

A virtual dinner party is the safest and best option to connect with those who can’t travel to see you. Organize a start time to eat over Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.

Another good tip is don't pass the plates. Put all the food in the kitchen. It may take longer, but everyone can go in one at a time. Have hand sanitizer in every room and also remember to sit 6 to 12 feet apart during dinner.

More good news is that there will be less awkward encounters with family members. I remember when my aunts used to come over as a kid, and they used to give us kids crazy long hugs and sloppy kisses. So at least our kids don't have to worry about that because we need to stay 6 feet away this year.

What our your plans this Thanksgiving? Do you feel it's better to skip for a year?

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