This is actually a question that has plagued my mind lately. I just received my last COVID-19 shot on Monday, and in another two weeks, I'll be at max protection. With that being said, will you or I be making way to a vacation destination?

My answer is a hard probably. I said I wouldn't last year, and found myself in Mackinac, enjoying the sun and destinations.

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If you're planning on traveling abroad, you actually will need proof of testing negative for COVID-19 to re-enter the United States, according to WILX. Would you be willing to take that chance and head to another country?

It's also possible you're going to need to set reservations in advance, which most people do already, myself included. But those last-minute flights, last-minute hotels, even that last-minute trip to an amusement park may require you to reserve some tickets. Those last-minute things we used to do may be long gone now, as even Walt Disney World Resorts requires you to get tickets in advance now.

We can't forget about possible travel anxiety that could possibly exist now that we've officially been in a year of constant hand washing, cleaning, and non-stop hand sanitizer. Are you willing to touch that door handle tons of people just used before you on your vacation? Are you even comfortable staying in a hotel room anymore?

A possible and easy way to maybe relieve that stress is something more outdoors? It's still a bit chilly here, but signs are showing we may see some warmer temperatures. Try going back to something more simplistic like camping.

With all that being said, are you going to be traveling more if you get both COVID-19 Vaccines?


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