As we appear to round the corner in the current pandemic, the Mackinac Bridge Authority is still trying to decide whether or not the annual Labor Day walk should take place. They will be holding a virtual public meeting on Tuesday to get the public's input.

The 2020 event went to the wayside as a casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic as the Mackinac Bridge Authority unanimously decided to cancel that event back in May of 2020. At that time, the board made it clear that they expected the 2021 event to move forward as normal.

As the annual event needs months of planning and preparation, the board is seeking your input. Authority Board Chairman Patrick Gleason says:

Last year the Mackinac Bridge Authority made the very difficult decision to cancel the Annual Bridge Walk due to COVID-19. While we all hope this year's walk can proceed as usual, we need to consider the remaining uncertainty about what effect the pandemic could have on our event that is now just a few months away.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) will meet in an online special session at 9a Tuesday, May 18, to discuss the Annual Bridge Walk currently scheduled for Labor Day. The meeting will be conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform, and will be available for public viewing through Livestream at or on YouTube (with closed captioning). This meeting will be conducted in a virtual format under local provisions and the Michigan State of Emergency.

If you'd like to submit your comments in advance you can visit this survey from the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

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