Back in December there was a story about a postal worker in Holt that was charged with stealing gift cards and cash from mail in the Holt area. (Click here to see that story.) This time around it appears that a lot of mail on the east side of the state wasn't being delivered to its rightful owner/owners. According to the U.S. News & World Report, over 15,000 pieces of undelivered mail was found by authorities at a home in suburban Detroit. A federal criminal complaint that was unsealed this week says that Tiara Vann of Macomb County's Clinton Township worked as a city carrier assistant for the Warren post office. She had apparently been bringing home the mail--instead of delivering it--since last September.

By the way, if you're nervous about this happening to you, did you know that you can sign up for 'informed delivery'? (We have it for our mail.) It's a service offered by the United States Postal Service that scans the outside of your mail and shows you the images via email each morning before the mail is actually delivered. It's easy to get signed up for informed delivery and it might give you some added reassurance that you're getting all the mail that you're supposed to be getting in your mailbox. Click here to get signed up for informed delivery.


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