Are you a fan of the film maker, comedian, and actor Kevin Smith? If you're like me and you have a hard time putting a name to a face, you might not know who I'm talking about.

Does "Dogma," "Clerks 2," or "Jay and Silent Bob" ring any bells?

If they do, you may remember the fictional fast-food restaurant "Mooby's" then.

Well, great news, you can try Mooby's this summer! They're teaming up with the Tin Roof in Detroit for a pop-up July 6-20.

The Tin Roof is located on East Adams Avenue just across from Comerica Park.

If you want to check it out while it's in town, you do have to book a pick-up time and buy your ticket in advance.

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Ticket and Food Information

For safety purposes, they will be limiting the number of visitors by scheduling pick up times. Both indoor and outdoor seating will be available, but outdoor is limited.

Mooby's Meal tickets are $29 and include a Moo Main and a Salt Lick Side. Your main can either be a burger or chicken sandwich.

Their Cow Tipper is two beef patties topped with mustard, American cheese, pickles, red onion and Mooby's sauce. The chicken sandwich includes buttermilk fried chicken, buffalo hot sauce, pickles, coleslaw and vegan mayo.

Each meal comes with a Salt Lick Side which is onion rings or tater tots. They also have vegan options such as the Beyond Cow Tipper and a vegan bratwurst.

You can find more information or buy tickets by visiting Mooby's Detroit.

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