Jon and Ashley Sterkel wanted to do a unique "gender reveal" on video at their home outside of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. So, according to KNEB TV, they got some blue chalk and some sort of "binary explosive" (the brand I'm familiar with is Tannerite) and made it all blow up with a well placed rifle shot. Some people in town heard the blast and called the police and the local radio station. What they found out was that (at least in Nebraska) you can buy binary explosives in a lot of stores, but you have to have a permit to actually use the stuff. So, now Jon has a fine to pay.

Watch the interview with Jon and Ashley. Especially where Jon throws Ashley under the bus and says it was all her idea. Plus, they have footage of the original "explosive video".

My question is - what are the laws about using binary explosives in Michigan? Do I need a permit to use it? I'm asking for a friend.

Yeah, a friend asked me to find out. Thanks


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