Last Monday, in northern Minnesota, some 80 miles northwest of Duluth, 16-year-old Jordan Bowen was up in a tree stand, getting ready to shoot at a deer, when a cougar came out of nowhere and lunged at the deer. According to the Pioneer Journal, the deer spooked and ran off without getting caught by the cougar. That's when things took an even crazier turn. The cougar jumped into a tree and went 40 feet up before he started snarling at something on the ground. It was so loud that Jordan's brother and sister heard the snarling 1,000 yards away. So what did Jordan do? He had a clear view of the cougar, so he put the scope on him.

"It was staring right at me. Seemed like 10 minutes. I kind of wanted to shoot it."

That's honest. Illegal to actually shoot it, but honest.

Turns out the cougar in the tree was snarling at ANOTHER cougar on the ground. The first one came down and the two started fighting. Jordan tried to get video of the whole thing, but he had to delete stuff off his phone to get room.

Kids - their cellphones are always full when the cougars show up - amiright?

Cool story - check it out here.


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