According to Iceland Magazine, last week, the President of Iceland was quoted as saying he would BAN pineapple as a pizza topping - if he could. But he can't.

I stand with the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson. (Whose name I can't pronounce. In fact, I don't even think some of those letters are real. If you're Icelandic, I apologize for judging your alphabet) I think President Jóhannesson needs to sign some sort of executive order. Happens all the time in some countries. Here's my executive order:

I will have no pineapple on my pizza.

However, this morning, your friend and my co-worker, Stephanie McCoy professed her LOVE of pizza topped with 'pineapple and ham". The President of Iceland can't tell you what to put on your pizza, but he would prefer if you and Stephanie would cover pizza with delicious, Icelandic fish. I don't see the two of them budging on this. Let's all remember, the last time there was an Icelandic international incident like this was the Third Cod War, in the 1970s. Thank God our military strength is what it is.


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