The little sticker that gets your vehicle into Michigan state parks, recreation areas, and campgrounds is going up in price in 2023.

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The Michigan DNR announced that in March residents will see the first price jump for recreation passports in three years.

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MI Dept. of Natural Resources

Effective March 1, the Recreation Passport resident vehicle fee increases by $1 ($2 for two-year registrations.)

    • From $12 to $13 for vehicles.
    • From $6 to $7 for motorcycles.
    • From $24 to $26 for two-year vehicle registrations.

Note there is also a $5 convenience fee (except for Belle Isle Park) when the Recreation Passport is not purchased at the time of your license plate registration renewal through the Secretary of State, and is instead purchased at a state park or recreation area.

To get a passport when you're renewing your plate through the Secretary of State, Check “YES“ for the Recreation Passport.

Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR

The recreation passport fees provide funding for the state’s parks and recreation system.

As far as why the price is going up, the DNR says,

The moderate fee change is a result of a statutory provision that ensures Recreation Passport funding keeps pace with the economy. Basically, the law says that the DNR does not determine the cost of the Recreation Passport; instead, fee adjustments are based on the Consumer Price Index, as determined by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The notice of change was provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury in November.

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