So, you're going camping. Heading north to get away from everything. Just you and the smores and the stars. But, what if you need to check on the Kardashians and what they're wearing while they make smores? (Spoiler - I typed in "Kardashians camping" - turns out Kim Kardashian actually did go camping. Once. I did not expect that)

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Not to worry. According to, many Michigan State Parks have WiFi. I'm not too surprised that some campgrounds have WiFi. I AM surprised that they have it at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (my guess is it's not too widespread up there). And I'm really surprised that they have WiFi up at Fort Wilkins Historic State Park way up in Copper Harbor. It seems like those would be two places you would go to definitely get away from the internet.

So, good news if you're finishing up the summer at one of those places - you'll be able to look up information about Bigfoot when you hear one screaming next to your tent.

Here's the story. With a list of the parks with WiFi.

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