Are classic cars your thing? If you said yes, you'll dig this new museum opening near downtown Pontiac.

In 2010, Tim Dye opened the Pontiac-Oakland Museum & Resource Center in Pontiac, Illinois. The small museum's brought visitors from all around the world. So why not dream a little bigger? Dye is creating a new museum in Pontiac, Michigan!

The Pontiac Transportation Museum will be inside a former elementary school and is expected to attract around 50,000 visitors a year. They have 55 cars already and a dozen of them are his.

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If you're a car enthusiast, you're probably excited about the new exhibit. However, Dye and his wife, Penny Dye, may have your excitement beat. They bought a house near the museum and for the last three years they've been bouncing back and forth from Michigan to their house in Illinois. They also own a house in Oklahoma where they keep Pontiac literature, showroom brochures, ad posters, and more.

I only own 20 cars, but I have the largest Pontiac library in the world. When GM announced they were discontinuing the Pontiac, I looked at my wife and said, ‘I guess it’s up to us.’ We had to preserve this.

Dye also collects things relating to the legendary Ottawa chief, Pontiac.

I probably have the largest collection of things about Chief Pontiac. I’m writing a book about his legacy.

The museum plans to open their doors sometime this year. If you are interested in donating to the future museum or would like more information visit the Pontiac Transportation Museums website.

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