This Sunday night, the NASCAR Cup Series will be racing at Darlington, SC, in the Southern 500. In recent years, the Southern 500 has had a "throwback" theme, with most of the cars in throwback paint schemes and the TV crew wearing clothes from the 70s or 80s. (Lord, they've been hideous. I don't know what they have up their sleeve this year. Dale Jr - don't do it!) But, my favorite paint scheme planned for this year's race HAS to be Matt Kenseth's No. 6 car, sponsored by Oscar Mayer and featuring a paint job based on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. According to ESPN's, this is supposedly a throwback to the early 2000s when Oscar Mayer was an associate sponsor of Matt's No.17 and Kurt Busch's No. 97 cars. But this time they'll be the primary sponsor of Kenseth's car, which is why it will get the proper Wienermobile paint job.

Oscar Mayer isn't calling this a 200MPH Wienermobile (they should). Instead, they claim the "No. 6 Ford Fusion will now join the brand's iconic WienerFleet as an honorary vehicle, accompanying the Wienermobile...a 27 foot-long hot dog on wheels...WienerRover, WienerMini, WienerCycle, WienerDrone and the most recent addition, Super Hotdogger - the world's first-ever JetPack-powered hot dog hero whose mission is to get a better Oscar Mayer hot dog in every hand." (AdWeek explains the Super Hotdogger)


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