The most expensive house in Michigan for sale right now. is 16,855-square-feet, has four stories and five garages, is located on Grosse Ile and (get ready) not finished.

Not even close. And it costs $29 million. And then, it's gonna take some more work and money before you can move in.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the people who own it, John Bates and his wife, started planning and building the house about 16 years ago. Then their kids started getting married and having grandkids - and you know how that is, they're cute and make you not want to work on your house. So - the house sits.

For comparison, here's the second most expensive house in Michigan. It sits on several hundred acres on the shores of Lake Superior. And it's move in ready - and $9 million cheaper.

Hmm. Which would you choose?


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