Season 6 of "The Curse of Oak Island" is a go. If past seasons are any indication, the first episode will be on one of the first two Tuesdays this November. My guess would be November 13th, since the 6th is the date for the mid-term elections - and why fight that ratings battle?

It's been a busy summer on Oak Island. Strangely, according to the "Oak Island From the Other Side" Facebook page (run by a lady who lives just over the bridge from the island), all the search equipment left the island some weeks ago and then - just in the last several days, there's been a rush of semis bringing large equipment back onto the island. Hmmm.

And, it's been a big off-season for Traverse City's Marty Lagina. Weeks ago, according to,  Marty was featured on an episode of "Ancient Aliens", while he and host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explored the island of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, looking for structures built by, or with the help of, beings from stars in the Perseus constellation. (I saw the episode. Pretty impressive structures for 3000 years ago) I'll be on the lookout for a crossover appearance from Giorgio on "Curse" this year. Here's the story.

I remain a loyal fan of the show - but I need to see something more than field trips to Europe and hours of library research this year.

Stay tuned for updates.

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