We're about halfway through Season 6 of "The Curse of Oak Island". (Here's the recap from Monsters and Critics for this week) I know I've been critical of the stringing along that seems to be the hallmark of this show, but I think the Lagina boys may actually be getting close to finding something important. So far this season, they've started to dig up Smith's Cove, where they've found unusual wooden and stone structures that hadn't been seen for decades (with some not seen since the original "treasure" - whatever that may be - was buried on the island)

Here's my guess. They've needed the money they make off the show to get up to the level required to do some of this very expensive work they have going on now. And even though there's a lot of episodes left this season, if they're smart, they leave the blockbuster finds to next season, or beyond. Seriously - I think they get to "The Money Pit" next season.

I'm always struck while watching "Curse of Oak Island" (or "Gold Fever" for that matter) that it takes me back to the time I worked on stuff on our farm or one of my houses with my dad. There's a lot of working on big projects with power tools, digging holes in the dirt and then talking about it. That's all they're doing on Oak Island.

But I would like to see some cool treasure.

Whaddya think? Is something big about to happen?

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