You can thank an older gentleman named Howard for all the salmon you'll be catching in Lake Michigan this year.

Back in 1964 there were ZERO salmon in the Great Lakes. Zero salmon, bad fishing and millions of dead fish (alewives) piled up on the beaches. Then, according to, Howard Tanner (a Michigan State grad) took over the Michigan Department of Conservation's Fish Department. And introduced salmon into the Great Lakes. It took a couple of years for the salmon population to get going, but when it did, the salmon ate the alewives (in fact, they may have eaten too many)  the beaches got cleaner, the beach towns started booming and the Great Lakes turned into the world class recreational fishing destination that it is today.

Howard tanner is 95 now and just wrote a book about the whole experience called, “Something Spectacular: My Great Lakes Salmon Story.” If you or somebody you know is into fishing, sounds like it might be interesting.

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