The University of Michigan Wolverines are in the College Baseball World Series. On Saturday they had their latest upset win against Texas Tech. They play Florida State tonight at 7PM. This is the first time Michigan's been in the World Series since 1984. They weren't supposed to be this good or get this far this season. And then the team went to a Kenny Chesney concert.

According to ESPN, in the middle of May, Michigan had just lost to Nebraska, in Nebraska. In fact, the Wolverines had lost five of their last seven games. To take their minds off things, somebody arranged for the team to see Kenny Chesney's Lincoln, Nebraska concert on May 18th. Apparently some of the Michigan players weren't real excited about a country concert - but they went. And they must have had a pretty good time. Because now - Kenny's music is on everywhere they go - on their bus, on their plane and even at practice.

If the Wolverines win this whole thing - Kenny Chesney is going to a big reason why.

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