Every year they have what they call the Float Down, with people on inner tubes or rafts on the St. Clair River, near Port Huron. This year's Float Down will be next Sunday, August 16th. In 2016, there were high winds during the Float Down and many people ended up over on the east side of the river - in Canada - a friendly but still foreign nation. In 2016, Canada loaded up 1500 people and bussed them back over to the U.S. Very friendly. Very Canadian.

This year, that won't happen.

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According to The Times Herald, the U.S.- Canada border has been shut down since March. Canada's a little freaked out about Americans drenched in COVID-19 coming across the border. So this year, if anyone strays into Canadian waters (and this probably goes for anyone doing this on any of the Great Lakes) the Royal Canadian Mounted Police want you to know they're not going to give you a lift back to the "home of the free and the land of the brave". No, they might throw you in jail and fine you. I don't think they're kidding. Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Diane Jennings says,

Crossing the marine border into Canada for optional or discretionary purposes such as touring, sightseeing and recreational fishing may result in fines of up to $750,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months.

Yikes! And no, I don't know if that $750,000 is in Canadian dollars or USD.

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