Dorothy Pollack spent months cooped up inside a nursing home in Muskegon - stuck there because of the pandemic. She was depressed and her family couldn't visit her AND - on top of that - she's hard of hearing, so nobody could even talk to her on the phone. She had to have her 103rd birthday in the nursing home without her family around. Finally, she got out. She decided to celebrate. By getting her first tattoo.

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According to CNN, via KTLA-TV, Dorothy decided to get a tattoo of - a frog. '(Cuz she likes frogs, OK?) So, she went to the local tattoo shop and got a tattoo of a frog on her arm. At 103! Ray Reasoner Jr., who did the tattoo, says she never winced,

It was an amazing experience. If someone over a century old tells you to do something for them you just gotta do it.


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