A woman from Warren went shopping recently and brought home some potatoes, and one of them is Pure Michigan. The potato was shaped like Michigan's lower peninsula, so naturally she had to share it with everyone at the news station.

Debra Wuestenberg of Warren said she found the potato in a bag she purchased at the grocery store. She said she can't bear to eat it just yet.

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I'm sure once the potato starts to turn she'll finally dice that bad boy up. This isn't the first time an object or food has taken the shape of Michigan. Not long ago a friend of ours was grilling some chicken up when he noticed his chicken breast took the shape of the lower peninsula. Now food looking like Michigan, I can see how that could be a somewhat regular odd occurrence. But a fossilized stone shaped like Michigan? That's rare.

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Someone discovered this Pure Michigan treasure right around the same time in Charlevoix:

If you've ever purchased anything that ended up looking like Michigan, we want to see it. Send us the picture or leave it in the comments section on our Facebook post.

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