If your name is Karen and you have found yourself personally victimized by this term, there's a Karen's for the Community Facebook support page. Even if you spell your name differently but still pronounce it the same, you're welcome to join.

Grand Rapids resident, Caren Robinson, created the private group to encourage compassion. The group was created in December 2019 and currently has 14 members. Robinson goal was to create some positive social change.

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“It’s a common ground to create that positive social change through actions words and outreach. Asking for a manager is not always negative! However, seeing that even my kids have taken that as a negative connotation was impactful to me. Everyone is so afraid of doing the right thing that doing the right thing has become closeted."

Are you wondering how the term 'Karen' became a thing or what it means exactly? According to dictionary.com, it's a term used to describe a middle-aged white woman who may be acting obnoxious, racist or entitled. The meme started when a video went viral of a white woman saying she was going to call the police and tell them that "an African American was threatening her life."

Before the term "Karen" started, there was a "Speak to your manager haircut" meme that circled the internet. According to Know Your Meme, that started in 2014 on Reddit. Since then, "Karen" Halloween costumes have become a thing. A Los-Angeles artist even made a "Karen Halloween Mask."

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