Erica and I from the "Caddy and Gray" morning show on WITL have been warning everyone about all many email and phone scams right now. December is one of the biggest months for them. We have talked about these Amazon Prime scams. Some of the other ones to watch out for are from Social Security and the IRS. Remember neither one of them will email or call you. So never give out personal information over the phone to someone you're not sure of. Also watch out for Fed Ex emails saying you have a package. They often use a fake Fed Ex logo, so be careful.

Here's  another one involving a Michigan puppy scam that people are falling for and losing hundreds of dollars to according to

More and more people are paying big prices for pets they never receive.. The increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic is a well-known phenomenon, and with the holidays there are more and more scams fed by people’s desire to have a pet, says the Better Business Bureau Serving West Michigan. This is one of those toughest scams we see, because it really does get to the heart of people,” said Troy Baker, communications manager for the BBB.

Remember to always see the pet first before paying anyone. Also do a little research to see what that particular dog breed goes for. Maybe also talk to a few people that they have done business with. And always be cautious of breeders offering shipping.

Have you ever been scammed?  Please share your experience.

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