If you know someone who is looking for a school to attend to get a college degree and that person likes to sleep in...well, perhaps you should check out Lake Superior State University. The school, which is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has decided to get rid of 8am classes!

According to school officials, the change in the start time is supposed to make it easier for the faculty and administrators to schedule meetings. Also, the later start will help give students more time to study, meet with instructors and/or do extracurricular activities. :) According to 9&10 News, the university will try the change for a semester--maybe even for a year--and then re-evaluate to see if they like the change.

Now, if that weren't enough to put Lake Superior Sate University on your 'colleges I should attend' list, then maybe this will do it--two words--Unicorn Hunting. Yep--Unicorn Hunting. You can find out more about that by clicking here. (Thanks Banana Don!!)

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