The ice cream sundae was about a half-mile-long and it's now a world record holder. According to Fox 17, officials with the Guinness World Records informed the town of Ludington this week that their ice cream shop, House of Flavors, now holds the record for longest ice cream sundae. Back in June the town held a big event to try and set the record. They ended up with a sundae that contained 12,700 scoops of ice cream, 2,000 Michigan maraschino cherries and 600 cans of whipped cream and was about 2,970 feet long.

But wait...that record may soon be broken...according to the report, Moo-ville Creamery in Nashville also tried to break the record on September 17th. They made a dessert that spanned 3,656 feet. I believe they're just waiting for official results...stay tuned!