On June 22, 1969, man had yet to land on the moon, the Woodstock concert was still planning on having only 50,000 people attend and gas was 35 cents a gallon. And the town of Fruitport, Michigan (in between Grand Haven and Muskegon) was celebrating it's 100th birthday.

As part of that celebration, some of the residents, including Jerry Adler, who was 23-years old at the time, donated and then put items in a time capsule and buried it at the library. A time capsule not to be opened until 50 years later.

On Sunday, Jerry was there when they dug the time capsule up and opened it. According to MLive.com, Jerry said, “It was like we put the stuff in yesterday. Nothing was soiled … nothing was decayed.” Inside they found a lot pf photos, some old cigarettes, a Playboy Magazine and a pair of high heels - donated and signed by the mom of one of his friends.

The items will be put on display - and then they'll gather more stuff from 2019, put them in the canister - and bury it for another 50 years.

Hang in there, Jerry

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