Officials in Canton, Michigan are banning the use of sky lanterns. (See photo on left.) The ban will take effect on Thursday, August 20th. According to the Detroit Free Press, officials instituted the ban because many residents have been concerned with the fire hazard from the burning sky lanterns as they can land while still on fire. That, of course, poses a risk to whatever they land on...a house, a car, a dry field, dry grass, or even a person.

City officials in Canton are also urging lawmakers in Lansing to roll back laws regarding powerful fireworks. The 2011 law passed by lawmakers allows for the use of bottle rockets and Roman candles around national holidays and officials in Canton would like to see some changes with that law, too. (And many people in Michigan may agree because...well... we all have that neighbor that continues to launch their loud fireworks almost every single weekend...right?) But I you agree with the sky lantern ban?