If you've ever clicked on one of those quizzes on BuzzFeed (like "Everyone has a Pop-Tart Flavor That Represents Them Best - Which One Are You?") and thought, "who comes up with these things?" - it's a teenager from Michigan.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Rachel McMahon, 19, a Grand Valley State University sophomore came up with a lot of them. But even though BuzzFeed made a ton of money off people clicking on those quizzes (some experts estimate $1 million), all Rachel got for her effort were "four $30 Amazon gift certificates, a BuzzFeed sweatshirt and T-shirt and several water bottles". Yes, Rachel wrote them just because it was fun. "Whenever I was bored, I was like 'Oh, I can just make a quiz.' "

Yeah. That won't be happening anymore.

Rachel has decided to take a break from BuzzFeed after 200 BuzzFeed employees got let go. She's concerned that people like her contributing free content led to the decision.

How does BuzzFeed feel about this - after they made all that money off Rachel and paid her with a sweatshirt? “We’d be all too lucky to hire her when she graduates from college."

Good grief, BuzzFeed. Read the room, buddy. Read the room.


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