This has been an extremely tough year for Michigan teachers, but there is some relief on the way from Michigan officials.

The Michigan Classroom Heroes Grants are scheduled to be sent to Michigan teachers by the end of February. The money is coming from an agreement in the budget deal that was signed last year. Teachers will get a bonus payment of $500, while education staffers will get a $250 bonus check. This is part of the Covid-19 relief money that was added into the budget last year.

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Teachers have had one of the most difficult jobs during this pandemic. They were the first to have to pivot at the end of the 2020 school year when all schools went virtual. Then they spent their summer unsure of exactly what school would look like in the fall. So far this school year has been one of constant change, while schools struggle to educate and keep everyone safe.

The one thing that has been consistent through the entire pandemic has been our teachers. No matter if they are on the other end of a Zoom classroom, or teaching from behind plexiglass, they have been there.

Now most teachers are finding themselves in an awkward position. They are being asked to return to classrooms full of students. Most have not had the option to get the Covid-19 vaccine yet, which only increases the chances of catching the virus. The stress of teaching a classroom of kids is huge, but trying to do it and stay safe is impossible.

While I'm sure the $500 is appreciated, I don't think anyone believes that the compensation fits the risk.


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