I know it's summertime and the living's easy. However—and I don't mean to be the buzzkill here—the kids are going to be back in school before you know it.

Back-to-School Supplies

Have you been to a store recently?

The summer isn't over yet and stores already have out their back-to-school supplies.

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I'm sure your kiddos will need lots of things before they head back into the classroom. Things like new clothes, new shoes, pencils, notebooks, and a whole bunch more. And you aren't the only one preparing for your kids to go back to school; their teachers are too.

How Much Do Teachers Spend of Their Own Money on Classroom Supplies?

Did you know, according to AdoptaClassroom.org, that on average, teachers spend about $860 of their own money on classroom supplies?

And since Adopt a Classroom began surveying teachers about their classroom supply spending, the out-of-pocket spending for teachers has increased by 44%.

It's crazy to think that teachers, who already don't make enough money, are dipping into their own money, and about 16% even getting second jobs, to support their students and education career. So let's do something to help this year!

Clear the Lists 2023

Clear the Lists is a movement that brings awareness to teacher's Amazon Wish Lists for their classrooms, and helps to get some supplies purchased.

I've seen wholesome stories of celebrities finding these lists and clearing out the whole thing for a lucky teacher or too. But we can do our part to help out too!

Below is a list of Mid-Michigan teachers who shared their Amazon Wish Lists with us. Take a scroll through, and if you have room in your heart and money in your wallet, please consider purchasing some supplies to help your local teachers and community at large. Because at the end of the day, it's not just the teachers you're helping, it's the kids too.

*Please note that the following list is expansive and ever-growing. We ask for your patience if you don't see your name or the name of someone you submitted. We are working hard to keep this list as updated as possible.*

Help Clear the Lists—See Amazon Wish Lists for Mid-Michigan Teachers

If you have it in your heart and wallet to help Mid-Michigan teachers and buy some items from their Amazon Wish Lists, please check out the gallery below and pick a teacher to help out. All the pictures are linked to the Wish Lists. *This list will continue to be updated. Check back for additional teachers and updates.*

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