Drew Barrymore - Hollywood royalty as part of the Barrymore family, Gertie from E.T. and former CoverGirl spokeswoman (and somebody who has never lived in Michigan), will be on the cover of August's InStyle magazine in a Detroit News t-shirt. She's also been seen wearing a U of M sweatshirt in her Instagram photos.

I am furiously gathering all the t-shirts and hoodies I've bought while living in Michigan for twenty years, so I can sell them to vulnerable Hollywood types and retire early.

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According to...yep - the Detroit News, even they have no idea where Drew got the t-shirt. It would appear the shirt is about 40 years old:

One may guess that she purchased it at a local thrift shop during one of her visits to the area. The consensus among former Detroit News employees is that the shirt's design is from the early 1980s.

Drew hung out in Detroit and Ann Arbor while she was directing the movie, "Whip It", in 2009.

Gotta hand it to the Detroit News. The magazine hits newstands on July 17th, but the cover photo is all over social media "prompting fashionistas to ask 'where can I get that shirt?' They got more of those t-shirts printed and are selling them online, with proceeds going to the Rosa L. Parks Scholarship Foundation.

Here's the story. I'll be going through my t-shirts if you need me.

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