Remember the old saying, “Reading is Fundamental”?
Well, so is swimming.

Swimming not only gives you great exercise, but it's invigorating, fun, relieves stress, and makes you happy.

It's practically impossible to pinpoint the world's first swimmers...cave people, I suppose. But over the years, Michiganders sure took advantage of the thousands and thousands of lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers to take a dip...skinny or otherwise.

We still enjoy going to public beaches but there was something very special about having your own secret swimmin' hole when you were a kid. These holes could be found as little ponds hidden in the woods, or a small brook, creek, stream, or river inlet. Maybe even a reservoir or gravel pit water hole.

A lot of these secret swimmin' holes had their share of woes, though...gooey muck, thick underwater weeds, and snapping turtles...but those didn't stop us. No way.

Below is a photo gallery of Michiganders enjoying their swimmin' holes, along with some lakes and beaches. Most of these are from over 100 years ago, so you can see what it was like and how swimming was one of life's simple pleasures.


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