The internet is melting down, again.

Is it because of Donald Trump? Or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Nope. This time it's Michigan State's new football uniforms.

According to, on Saturday, Michigan State released photos of the new alternate uniforms for 2019. These won't be the standard uniforms, just something to mix it up in certain games. These come from Nike, famous for providing Oregon with some crazy color combinations before anybody else thought about doing it.

The haters of the new MSU uniforms are many and span from coast to coast. Some are saying they rip off the Oregon Ducks' uniforms, due to the neon green color. Penn State University, owners of the most boring uniforms in all of sports, likened the Spartan uniforms to "Double Mint gum".

And then somebody at the Sporting News noticed the Seattle Seahawks gloves.

I don't have a problem with them - every once in a while. What do YOU think?


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