In a few weeks, Michigan State will be back to it's old self - full of 40,000 students intent on seeing old friends, cheering for the Spartans and getting good grades so they can get good jobs and not live in their parents' house for the rest of their lives. (yes, I'm talking about you ....) AND, if they're living in dorms - trying to keep cool - at least while summer wraps up.

A group of students at Central China Normal University (I did NOT make that up) have been going to summer school in Wuhan, China - a place where temperatures reach 122 degrees. So, to keep cool, they installed a pool - in their dorm room.


Here's the story, with photos. And, by sharing this story, I am in NO WAY condoning the use of pools in MSU dorm rooms. Because, that would be wrong.

Go to class - you'll learn what "condoning" means.


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