The MSP is adding something special and unique to their patrol cars.

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With April being National Autism Awareness Month, it was the perfect time for the Michigan State Police to join forces with an initiative called 'Action for Autism'. The specialized initiative provides training on autism awareness and equips officers with calming bags to carry in their patrol vehicles. Those bags are used to provide support in stressful situations involving someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This month the MSP will be outfitting all of its marked patrol vehicles statewide with these special calming bags designed to aid the officers in those situations that may find them needing special care. The bags contain fidget spinners, stress balls, teddy bears and therapeutic silicone items that can be chewed. The items not only provide comfort, but will also aid the troopers with communicating with the individuals involved.

"Several community partners supported this effort, and on behalf of the MSP, I'd like to thank Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Meijer, Milestones Child Development Center and the Autism Alliance of Michigan," stated Lt. Sarah Krebs, who spearheaded MSP's involvement in the initiative, the the MSP statement.  "Growing up with a disabled person in my family gave me a unique opportunity to see how this population struggles. I wanted to be a part of the bridge to connect law enforcement to them."

In addition, during the month of April the Autism Alliance of Michigan will be working with the MSP to provide specialized virtual training for their troopers with instruction that covers guidance for responding to calls involving persons with special needs and specifically those who wander due to ASD.

Kudos to the Michigan State Police for embracing new and special ways to protect and serve the community.

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