Due to concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Michigan State University has decided to suspend face-to-face classroom instruction for the rest of the semester.

This from the Michigan State University website:

Latest Updates

Last updated March 14, 2020

  • MSU has suspended face-to-face instruction in classroom settings and moved to virtual instruction for the rest of the semester. Additionally, campus leaders are urging all units to take every measure possible to encourage employees to work from home. More information and resources for faculty and staff are available at remote.msu.edu. This website will grow over time as we discover additional needs and create content to address them.
  • Spring commencement has been postponed. MSU will make every effort to reschedule.
  • During this time period, students doing purely remote work should return to their permanent place of residence, and we strongly encourage this because there are advantages for social distancing. But for those not able to go home, we will continue to fully support students in our residence halls and dining facilities.

Get more info here from the MSU website.

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